Indulge yourself with Cash on Cashville

The graphics of a slot game is definitely crucial for players since a great theme and graphics give them a sense of motivation that pushes them to play more in order to have more opportunities to grab their most-awaited goal. Sure, cute things like bug themes or other animal themes will give them pure excitement - giving them more optimum gaming experience, but if its motivation that you're looking for, then for a waging game, nothing is more motivating than money itself being displayed in front of you. From the title itself up to its theme - there's definitely no game which better at motivating players other than Cashville.


$50000 BET

Developed by Microgaming, Cashville - a game available for free download, definitely deserves the fame it possesses today. What's fun about this slot game is that it packs a lot of fun from the design itself up to the prizes it offers. As cool stuff gives you excitement, funny portrayals give you more fun and relaxing gaming experience which is what this game serves you with. Aside from that, the idea of having the rich as symbols for the game is definitely unique and exciting. You will be introduced to different characters who embodies names relative to the term 'money' itself. These characters are supposed to be very rich people and with the astounding jackpot prize of 500,000 coins, it is definitely not a dream, but a possibility that you'll become one of them sooner or later.

You'll definitely be astonished as the reels of this game is filled with tons of eye-catching bling and golds, as well as jewelry's and piles of money which basically defines the term 'rich'. The proud and very rich characters like Bullion and Sterling can even talk, making it more interesting and intriguing. The special symbols are set simply - W symbolizes the Wild, S for the Scatter symbols, and B signifies a Big Bonus Win. 5 Wilds equates to 50,000 coins, 5 'S' will bring you 300x your bet, while having 5 'B's will serve you with the main jackpot of the game. Although it lacks free spin features and other extra features that may make the game more exciting, it's still an astounding game that packs a huge jackpot worthy of your hard-earned money.